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PMP Certification Hybrid Class (On-demand with Live analysis and interactive classes)

On-demand is available 24/7 with Live classes on weekends (Saturdays only). Details available below.

Learn about online PMP class.

Our online learning is an hybrid learning system (On-demand and live classes). It is specially designed to making learning easy for participants and serve the peculiarity of the professional courses.

Classes for Project management are in four (4) modules. Each module contains knowledge areas and their processes. Each module is meant to be completed in 2 weeks, at the end of each module the participant will join our training expert in a live class for analysis of some selected processes and you have opportunity to interact with other participants taking the course.

In addition, at the end of each module you will be tested on knowledge acquired both with text questions and project or/and documents development, you will also be taking an exam after the completion of the whole modules. Upon completion of your training requirement you will be awarded certificate of training.

Breakdown of course modules

Project Management Framework  – On-demand

Project Integration Management all 7 processes – On-demand

Project Scope Management

  1. Plan scope management – On-demand
  2. Collect requirement – On-demand
  3. Define scope – On-demand
  4. Create WBS – Live session
  5. Validate scope – On-demand
  6. Control scope – On-demand

Project Quality Management all 3 processes- On-demand

Project Communication Management all 3 processes – On-demand

Project Schedule Management

  1. Plan schedule management – On-demand
  2. Define activities – On-demand
  3. Sequence activities – Live session
  4. Estimate activity duration – Live session
  5. Develop schedule – Live session
  6. Control schedule – On-demand

Project Resource Management  all 6 processes- On-demand

Project Procurement Management all 3 processes – On-demand

Project Cost Management

  1. Plan cost management – On-demand
  2. Estimate Cost – On-demand
  3. Determine budget – Live session
  4. Control cost – Live session

Project Stakeholder  Management all 4 processes- On-demand

Project Risk Management

  1. Plan risk management – On-demand
  2. Identify risk – On-demand
  3. Perform quantitative risk analysis – Live session
  4. Perform qualitative risk analysis – Live session
  5. Plan risk response – Live session
  6. Implement risk response – Live session
  7. Monitor risk – On-demand

Corporate Social Responsibility – On-demand

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